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6 ways kitty brings you health and happiness.

6 ways kitty brings you health and happiness.

You already know Modkat is committed to helping your cat live a healthy, happy life. But did you know your cat may have a lot do with your own levels of health and happiness?

In a study from the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, science tells us what we cat lovers knew all along—our pets provide meaningful social support leading to improved physical, emotional, and relational health. That’s good news for the 67% of Americans who own pets!


Let’s look at 6 ways your cat is making your life better right now.

1. You could be living longer
The Minnesota Stroke Institute followed 4,000 cat owners for ten years. What difference did owning a cat make? You’ll be glad to know it can radically reduce a person's chance of dying from heart disease. Cat owners, the data tells us, are 30% less likely to suffer a heart attack than people who never owned a cat.

2. Your stress levels are lower
Does it seem like all the extra cat care is elevating your stress levels? It’s probably the opposite. According toPsychology Today, pet owners are happier, less stressed out, and more chill than non-pet people. Other studies show that owning a cat contributes to lower blood pressure and quicker come-backs after heart attacks—both of which can be stress-related.

3. You are building immunity to allergies and illnesses
Children who live with pets, especially cats, develop blockers to certain allergies and illnesses. Babies raised around animals have fewer colds and ear infections in their first year than babies who live in pet-free homes.

4. Kitty is putting the brakes on your depression
Playing with your pet heightens the levels of the cheerful chemicals—serotonin and dopamine—in your brain. Pets also help mitigate depression because you know your cat will be there for you no matter what. In fact, 25% of newly married people said their pet was a better listener than their spouse. That’s also good news for marriage therapists!

5. You’re creating a transcendent bond
When the first cats were being domesticated back in ancient Egypt and China, cats and humans had a mutually beneficially arrangement. Cats kept homes clear of mice. People fed cats and gave them a safe place to sleep. Today, our relationship with our cats has evolved to where they are considered to be full members of the family.

6. Your cat can help you give back
Therapy animals bring a lot of joy to elderly people, to residents in nursing homes and children’s hospitals, and to people living with Alzheimer’s disease. Do you think your pet has the makings of therapy cat? Why not contact your local therapy cat certification agency to find out? You and your cat can work together to spread health and happiness to people who are isolated or ill.


Pets care can be hard work, but they help create significant meaning in life. Invest the time and effort to care for your cat’s needs, and you’ll be rewarded in more ways than you dreamed possible.