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A Guide to Cat Play.

Your cat is satisfied with the simplest gestures. A blanket to hide under. A mouse toy to bat around. A box to fit into. But playtime isn't just for amusement. A cat's heart health and overall condition rely on incorporated playtime.

Here are the rules of cat play:


1. Provide High Places.

Cats like to climb things. But most houses and apartments aren't built to provide cats with high places to observe their kingdom in safety. Try putting a cat tower near a window where your cat can watch the activity outside. A cat tower also stimulates the right scratching behavior. If you have trouble with your cat scratching the furniture, put up a cat tower or two to mitigate this behaviorIf you build it, they will climb.


2. Make a Toy!

You can attach nearly anything to a string, and a cat will give chase. A feather is perfect. Cats love to chase birds so having that bit of a bird on the end of the string will provide countless hours of fun. There are plenty of fanciful toys you can buy that employ the string feather technique.

These toys are wonderful for cats because they allow them to indulge in their desire to stalk and attack prey. But, If you do play with interactive wand toys with your cat, put them away when you are finished so your cat can't play with them without supervision. They are to be enjoyed only when you are present. If cats eat string it can be very dangerous for their health


3. Simple Toys Are Best.

Cats can be like toddlers. They prefer the gift wrapping and the packaging to the present inside. You might order a box of cat toys only to watch your cat ignore all the goodies and jump in the box.

The simplest things can please our cat companions. A string and a feather combination. The laces on your shoes as you tie them. Anything a cat can bat around could be turned into a toy. 


4. Make Food Time a Game.

Cats in the wild forage for their food. They don't have a bowl of eternal treats available. If you're free-feeding your cat, it might be time to consider restricting it to a schedule. It's healthier for your cat.

Google fun cat feeding for creative ideas. You can find anything from mice stuffed with cat food to mazes and other puzzle feeders. These toys will aid your cats' digestion and help them slow down if they are overeaters.


5. Never Use Your Fingers.

When you play with your cat, you're presenting them with prey. This engages their hunting instinct. Using your fingers instead of a cat toy teaches your cat that fingers should be hunted. You want to avoid that in case you have children around. Little fingers can become prey, too.


6. Provide a Way of Escape.

Cats need a way of escape and a bit of privacy when they do their business. That way, the animals don’t feel trapped in a vulnerable position. For the same reason, always leave interior doors open, and make sure the cat can spot a clear path to the next room. Remember to have on hand at least one litter box per cat and one extra. 


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