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Flip Paperboard Liners (6-Pack)

Flip paperboard liners are a disposable alternative to the Flip tarp liners. They are constructed of a single, seamless, coated sheet of recycled paperboard. The Flip paperboard liners are liquid tight, scratch-resistant and can last up to a month. Simply unfold a liner, drop inside the Flip Litter Box and secure with the Flip paperboard liner band. When things get too messy just fold it up and throw it out!

Dimensions: 17L x 12.75W x 9H in (43L x 32W x 23H cm)

* This product requires the Flip paperboard liner band for use (sold separately).

NOTE: A clean litter box makes for a healthy and happy cat. We recommend replacing Flip paperboard liners when there are signs of wear and tear to keep bacteria and odor in check. The longevity of the liners depends on how much litter is used, how many cats use the litter box, and how ferociously they scratch. Daily scooping and sustaining the litter level at 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) will maximize the life of the liners.

Customer Reviews

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Sally N.
Great substitute

Modkat is currently out of the Type F liners so I bout the paper ones instead. They work great and I will use them until the liners are back in stock!

Don B.
Paperboard liners work!

The full size tarpaulin type liners were out of stock, so I decided to try the reusable coated paperboard liners with the retainer band. They are great! What a good backup for the full size liners, which I don't plan to use any more. The economics make sense.

Karen S.
Better than nothing

Better than nothing but I would much rather have the liner - when will it be back in stock?

Hi Karen, the Type F Flip Tarp Liners will be restocked in May!

Sophie F.
Flipboard liners

While I would love to go totally wasteless, these are a fantastic option for apt. dwellers and those without access to outdoor space, where it is difficult to wash out litter boxes and liners. I use them OVER the tarpaulin liners to reduce frequency of having to wash out entire litter box and liner. In a home with three cats and two litter boxes, I replace the paperboard liners every 9 days or so. Wish Modkat made paperboard liners for their other litter boxes, since I have a couple of different models. I would pay a premium for sourcing from recycled paper materials or tree-sourced alternatives, such as bamboo or sugar cane.

Jane B.
Great product

Great product ...highly recommend.
Makes changing cat litter easy