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Modkat Litter Box
Annabel Vaughan
Fantastic litter box (and innovative packaging!)

Loving my new litter box and the kitten is mad about the ping pong ball box that I converted out of the packaging.. such a delight. (Also turned the scratch pad box into a fun house)

Flip Litter Box
Lysa C.
My cats and their maid all love these litter pans

I have a few high pee-ers. After trying literally every type of litter pan that I thought might work (but didn't) and even making our own tall litter pans out of plastic storage boxes, I came across an ad for Modkat and bought 2 pans to try. I bought the regular size and remarkably all the pee is staying inside the pans! They look much nicer than my homemade pans which work well but have very sharp edges where we cut them. I bought 2 more pans (for our 4 cats), and everyone is using them. Pans are easy to set up, super easy to clean. I am using the liners for now, but may stop based on other reviews saying they're not really necessary. My cats and I thank you for these pans!

Flip Litter Box
Sasha Austin

Flip Litter Box

Flip Litter Box
christopher b.
excellent litter box

Great size, super minimal, really happy with it

LOVE IT!!!!!!

My cats love this system and so do I! No more spilled litter on the floor. No more urine on my walls from my horizontal urinator! My house smells better! The system is attractive and fits nicely in my home. Much better looking than an old fashioned litter box.

Stain + Odor Remover
Angelica Dios
Reusable & reliable!

Love how much easier these liners make cleaning the litterbox, soak them in bleach + water for a couple of hours and they are as good as new. This is my second batch, I was able to use the first batch for two years before they wore out enough to purchasing these!

Flip Litter Box
Katherine Chatham
Falls short

Love the idea of a contained box for my high-pee-er but the liner leaks . Disappointed

Flip Litter Box

Excellent litter box! bought this one (second ) after cats adjusted to style!
Looks very put together.less tracking. Also bought mats that also works very well

She loves it!😻

My cat absolutely love this scratcher!! She scratches, lays, sleeps and plays on it!! I’m sure I’ll be buying more!! Thanks!!

Exactly what I needed

This litter box was perfect and solved all my issues with my cat, who is a high-pee-r. Even with all the high wall litter boxes, she would pee off the back onto the wall. This litter box keeps everything contained, and there's plenty of room for her to do her business, so she doesn't seem freaked out to use it, even with the cover on.

Need XXL

Seriously good but my boy is so tall and long, that this is STILL too small!! He’s a rescue, so I don’t know what kind of cat he is, but he’s a giant 24 lb short hair tabby type. Need an XXL BOX for this talk, long, big boy!

Works great


Modkat Litter Box
Patricia Dawdy
Modkat Litter Box Review

Love this product! The form and function are excellent.

My kitties love it!

The moment I unwrapped this and placed it on the floor, my cats knew that it was for them. They took to it immediately, and I frequently find one of them lounging on the top or resting on the bottom level. It is a very good-looking piece that fits in well with my modern decor.

It’s a Miracle!

We were at the end of our respective ropes with our adorable new kitty scratching the furniture. She wasn’t using her scratching posts at all. So we ordered this and literally within 15 seconds of opening it, she was scratching away at it! We couldn’t be more delighted! And it looks great with our decor!

Modkat XL Litter Box
Natalie P.
Happy customer

Everything I wanted in a litter box (: I plopped my catv inside and after that she had no trouble using it. She also chooses it over our litter robot (which creates more of a new than this one)!

Expensive, but worth it.

I have 2 large cats and was just a rubber made container as a liter box. This is the same size but more aesthetically pleasing and functional. I use it as a top entry. My cats love it and so do I!

Modkat XL Litter Box
Constanze Gerschner
Modkat XL - cats love it - their cleaners, not so much...

For a bit of background, we have purchased 5 Modkat flip litter boxes a few years back and our kitties are very pleased with the product. Us too, as it makes cleaning of liners and scoops so much easier. We have had kittens last year and a few accidents occured, so we had to move one of the trays into our bathroom 2 stories up from where the other litter boxes are installed. Litter box installed, accidents stopped. However, as the little one’s have grown, their tendency to dig in the upstairs litter box, scooping out litter past the mat onto the wooden floor led us to the decision to purchase the high rated XL model with top entry option and a large litter mat. Order arrived 5 days after purchase, installation was easy enough, and the cats took to their new toilet with top entry instantly. No training required, straight in to do their business.
Grump: The dampener came when I attempted the first scooping session - what the heck is with this scoop??? Its handle is shorter than the Flip Box scoop, for a larger tray with higher litter levels. I had my hand in the litter at the first scoop - lovely... And once I got over that gritty sensation and adjusted my scoop motions, I realized that it doesn’t matter how careful I go, there is always litter catching in the open side of the scoop handle. Why would you design a scoop like this for a bigger tray, which you’re selling for exactly the purpose of having deeper litter layers at top entry, and have us users end up in the litter with our scoop hands? Do you have an alternative scoop design for this box? I am using one of the flipcat spare ones now, but as they’re all different, cannot attach to the XL box... Frankly, after spending 150 € for a poop tray, I would expect to see a better design of the key use items.

Our cats love it - me, I am yet to be convinced...

Great scratcher!

It took our cat a few days to warm up to it, but now he’s a fan. It hasn’t completely cured him of scratching our furniture too (he does that for the attention), but it has cut back on it, and it’s fun to see him enjoying this scratcher. And I love that it looks so nice! It isn’t an eyesore like so much cat furniture is.

Modkat Litter Tray
Douglas Murray

Finally I can have some peace of mind around issues with "The Litter Box". My HUGE cat (MR. FUR) is 23 pds, is a side pee'er and throws Litter around like there's no tomorrow.....the walls around his litter box are ruined from the dirty Litter. The "NEW" Litter Box is perfect! No more Litter all over the place including on the walls and the Box is super spacious, with lots of room, even for Mr. Furs huge self. I couldn't be happier and my cat has more privacy and is not lingering in the Box, shifting sand around, he gets right out after. Thank-you for a really top quality product and it looks good too. This was money well spent......Who can put a price on peace of mind?

Flip Litter Box
steve parker
Flip Top

Bought a Flip Top last year. Like the access for scooping, liner is easy to clean and the cats seem to be happy with it. So I bought another to replace a 25-year-old box that had been used by 8 or 9 of my prior cats. (A cat box can really have sentimental value.) Anyway, highly recommend the Modkat Flip Top Litter Box.

Modkat XL Litter Box

Modkat XL Litter Box

Flip Litter Box
Cristina Odam

Finally found a litter box that when my cat pees it doesn’t come between the base and the lid. The one I bought has a great height and even looks good.
I am not using the bags and it still works great

Flip Litter Box
Tesla D
So far, so great!

I recently adopted a 9 month old cat, Dulce, and we love this litter box! I love how modern it is and well-built. Was very easy to assemble and I really like the bags made for it. Dulce is a digger so the high walls are great so that the litter doesn't get everywhere! Well-packaged (LOVE that the cardboard turns into a toy) and well worth it, I highly recommend :)

Flip Litter Box
Brian Maguire
Makes my cats mod like me!

Great design and functionality. Opening could be a little taller to prevent over peeing but cats are finally getting the hang of it. Overall very satisfied. Wish the inserts were eco friendly.