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Modkat Litter Box
Matthew O.
Best litter box

I’ve just moved into a studio apartment where I knew I needed a newer, nicer looking litter box. After looking at some automatic ones (all in 300-600 price range… no thanks) I found modkat’s top entry litter box but I didn’t like the $100 price tag. After not being able to find any alternative that looked as nice I caved in and bought this one and absolutely love it. No regrets. It looks so sleek in my apartment and doesn’t “scream” litter box when you see it. It’s also so easy to clean and my cat took to it very quickly. Litter still gets on the floor but more or less at the same rate of my old box, even with a litter mat. That being said I don’t think it can get any better so that’s no issue to me, I will be keeping this box and if I need another one I will come back to modkat.

Modkat Liners - Type A (3-Pack)
Σταματια Δ.

Modkat Liners - Type A (3-Pack)

Excellent product!

Durable. Precise. Economical. These liners saved my back and my sanity. They contain All The Mess. Way easier to clean than dragging a giant box to the washroom. Love!

Modkat Litter Box
Oliver T.
Was skeptical, am now converted!

Cats took no time at all to get used to the top entry. They are also calmer when using it now, so the box captures pretty well all the stray litter!

Modkat Litter Box
Angela C.


Expensive but worth the extra cost

My cat is only 10 lbs but she is a long girl so I’ve had to use a longer (ugly) litter box. Since I have a small apartment and I need to give her two boxes, I tried the Modcat XL hoping it would work for both of us without being such an eyesore. Using the Modcat as a front entry with the top half open works perfectly for her. She happily used it and I think she might even find the higher sides and the liner more satisfying to scratch. I just ordered a second Modcat to replace her primary box in my living room and can finally take away the litter box screen.

Modkat XL Litter Box
Melissa T.
Fantastic Litter Box

I have now bought two of the Modkat XL models, one for my home and one for the cottage. They look so good and the top entry really does cut down on the trail of litter the three kitties in my house love to leave behind.

Modkat Litter Box
Dorothy B.
Contains the litter very well

My young cat is quite vigorous when he tosses the litter around. It was making a big mess until my cat sitter suggested Modkat. Now the litter stays inside the box and on the small rim at the top. It is no longer all over the floor.

Modkat XL Litter Box
Jacqueline F.

Modkat XL Litter Box

Extremely Happy!

This is my third Modkat litter box and I have tried several brands but this is the best!

Flip Litter Box
Great investment

I’m very happy with my new purchase. I clean the litter more which is better for me and my kitty. 100% recommend.

Works like a charm!

We have a 9 month old male cat who tends to hit the walls of the litter box when he urinates and all the regular litter boxes with lids do not keep the urine inside the box. When I found this litter box online, I was so excited to finally find something that might solve my problem…..and this works like a charm! It’s a little expensive, but soooo worth it to not have to worry about the urine anymore.

A great new litter box for our cat! She really likes it! =^..^=

We're really liking this new cat box! We like the fact that the top flips open to clean the inside and clicks back shut for her "privacy"! We pull all of the litter forward in the box by the door at a slant, so that she will turn around with her face out the door and her bottom to the back of the box. Then she does not spray outside! Perfect! My husband is completely claiming this to have been one of the great moments of his life, to having thought this up and it is working wonderfully!!! Whoo-hoo! (-; The third greatest achievement in the history of humankind! The invention of the wheel, landing a man on the moon and making a cat pee backwards in her litterbox! You have to admit, that does rate right up there! =^..^=

Modkat Flip Litter Box
Christina S.
No smell, cats & humans love it!

We just moved to a new place where the litter needs to be in a hallway, so I knew we couldn't have it stinking like our box usually does. We got the cats started on the new ModKat box a few days before the move, and they seemed to like it fine.

The other main stakeholder is my husband, who is the Super Duper Pooper Scooper and Cat Whisperer in our house. He LOVES it! Everything about it -- much easier to get urine clumps out, ergonomics, liner, etc.

Then we moved. Both cats went into Feline Terror Fugue States, expecially the 15 year old. Neither had ever been anywhere but our one home before. So we decided to keep the older cat in one room, the bedroom, so she would feel safer, and we brought the ModKat in there. Amazingly, with the litter box just two feet from our bed for 3 days, we smelled nothing!

After a few days we moved it into the hallway, and all the human and feline stakeholders are still loving it. My husband would have been able to give this review a lot more nuance, but suffice it to say, he is in love with our ModKat box !

No more pee on the wall!

I’d been eyeing the Modkat flip-top box for quite some time, but was a bit shy about paying so much for a litter box. Our high-peeing, litter-kicking boy cat forced my hand, though. The Modkat’s been a game-changer - great design, love the liners, and really love not having to clean up & neutralize the smell of cat urine on the wall and floor. The flip top is great, too. I’m saving up for another one!

Great product

I love the new Modkat litter box. I had a wooden box with a flat top due to the aesthetics of it but when I found this I loved it. The wood expanded and the door would come off. With the Modkat the opening is high enough so he can't shoot out the box. He also likes to sit on top and he is able to do that with Modkat. The liner and folding back too is key. Both has made it so easy to scoop. The size is perfect. I've had for about 3 to 4 weeks now..no complaints. When I wanted one they were out of stock, I emailed to see when there would be inventory they responded promptly and reached out when back in stock. Customer Service was excellent. Thank you Modkat.

XL Top Entry Liners - Type C (3-pack)

My cat got a UTI

She was too afraid to go inside and when she did she'd pee a little and get scared, even with the lid open. She got a UTI

Hello Jessica, so sorry to hear you're having issues! Here are some resources that may help you with your situation.

Dual option litter box

Perfect, of course. I love it, my cats love it, it is spacious and functional, and there is a lot less litter being tracked through the house!

Flip Litter Box
Dimitar M.
The best cat litter I have ever bought

This is the best cat litter I have ever bought. And I have a lot of cat litter boxes because I have a lot of cats. This is the third purchase of this model, and if I had the possibility to replace all the others that I continue to have more or less problems with, I would be more than happy to do so. It stay beautiful somewhere in the corner of your room, but that's not all - it's so sturdy, easy to clean, the cleaning spoon is just perfect and there's an invisible place for it on the box itself. It seems that everything here has been thought through with love and care not only for the cats, but also for their owners. I would buy it again and again. Thank you Modcat for the pleasure and ease you bring me and the cats.

So well made!

I love this litter box. It's extremely well made. The flip top makes cleaning it very easy. The charcoal filter really does help with odor and the liners are worth every penny!

Flip litter boc

Geeat box high enough for my girl who is a high pee er sturdy an big enough for both cats easy to clean

This is ridiculously expensive, but it works.

I have had lots of litter boxes but the smell was always a problem, even when scooping daily. I don’t understand why this magical box is any better, but there’s not a smell at all. Super easy to clean. So two thumbs up

High side litter box

Overall I like the litter box however I have a cat that occasionally pee’s out the front so I always need a pee pad in front of the litter box. The negative issue is some of urine leaks between the front of box & liner. My suggestion would be to somehow have the liner over lap the front entrance! They may be a challenge since it is curved.

Modkat XL Litter Box
Melissa S.
Awesome box!

Finnegan loves the box it is very spacious. It is also easy to clean!