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Litter Mat
Tiffany C.
Love the large litter mat

Large enough to help keep the litter from getting all over the place!

Cat Scratcher Lounge
Christina O.
My Cat Loves It-I hate the mess!

The only thing I detest is the cheap cardboard. Pieces of cardboard get all over after my cat scratches.
I had to buy two (had purchased in the past) because they are not wide enough for an adult cat to lounge.

Cat Scratcher Lounge
cynthia y.
my cat loves it!

this is the second one ive purchased and my cat uses this every single day! it has distracted her from getting at my couch! def recommend

Modkat Flip Litter Box
Jeannette B.
Bear litter box!

Was told by my cousin about this litter box and I’m so please with my purchase, it’s so much easier to clean my cats litter and she loves it too!

Modkat Flip Litter Box

Flip Liners

They do what they're supposed to, and Modkat's the only manufacturer so they have an effective monopoly until I shift to a different litter box. Take them or leave them, they're the only game in town.

Liners refill

Happy that they were able to restock the F liners for my litter box. Super happy with the purchase!

I’m please with the product

Flip Litter Box
Alanna A.
Best LItterbox Ever!

My 2 cats love this litter box... the large size is perfect and so easy to clean / maintain.. especially with the liners. The high sides keep the litter contained (i have 1 cat that this really helps with) and I am considering getting a 2nd Flip Litter Box. GREAT product!

Spray no More

Our cat has only 1 hind leg and he tends to pee standing up. Cat boxes with a lid allow leaking between the top and bottom so we always had a puddle underneath.
This top entry has solved the puddle problem. The liner seems to slide down when he claws to cover his poops. I’m not sure how I like that. It washed (using the toilet brush) okay and dried quickly on the deck.

Seems Okay So Far

The new litter box does seem to be doing a good job of keeping the litter contained. Most of the litter that does get out of the box seems to stay on the mat and not get tracked over the rest of the floor.
I appreciate that the scoop hangs from the side of the box. The magnetic lid is convenient. The liner seems to be working well. And the components all feel very strudy.
It is big enough, but I do wish it was a bit larger. It's a little on the small side. Especially if you have larger cats. Other than that, I'm very happy with it. It seems well made and does seem to be helping to keep the floor cleaner so far.

My dream litter box

So happy with the size and quality of both my litter boxes from Modkat. The liners keep the boxes pee free, good to know the boxes just need a new liner to get a new fresh litter box. I have owned cats for 50 yrs and these are my most favourite ones to date and I have tried many.

Prefer one piece box with high sides

It helps with my cat that always managed to pee over the litter box, but she has managed to detach the surround from the pan on several occasions. If it could be all one piece it would be great and worth the money.

Great purchase

This litterbox is perfect for our male who has started spraying in the litterbox. The two piece boxes with the top and bottom don't work.

Flip Litter Box
Cailey C.
Great box for diggers

Our girl is a digger and would make such a mess. This box is perfect! It’s large and keeps the litter in, even if she digs near the entrance. It’s also so easy to scoop with the flip top. The liner is also great for kitties that like to go right on the edge/side.


My cats and me like Modkat system!

Modkat XL Litter Box
Douglas L.
No more litter and poop on the floor!

My wife was getting so mad at our two cats. At least one was knocking poop out of the box and playing with it. I saw one of the Modicat boxes recommended by Wirecutter and found this top entry box. It’s been working great. Cats took to it after an introduction and no more poop on the floor!

Modkat XL Litter Box
Jennifer S.
Not Perfect But Perfect For Me

I have been trying to find a semi palatable outside appearance litter box that is also functional, and struck out every time, especially with attempting to use liners that never ever fit the box I had. It's expensive, sure, and using the front entrance over just the top on the XL DOES track some litter, especially if any of your cats zoom off after using. But it's much less of a mess than any other option I've used, looks really nice compared to most other boxes being a total eyesore, and has worked for my two cats with daily scooping over the smaller two box set up I had previously that needed the same amount of waste removal maintenance. So long as the liners remain in stock as needed to keep it maintainable I'm extremely pleased by it and getting more bathroom space back was a bonus.

Katch Litter Mat

Modkat Litter Box
Marnie L.P.
Best litter box ever

My favorite litter box

Modkat Litter Box

Liners are awesome

Love these liners, my cat definitely prefers them over the cardboard liners! Hopefully they stay in stock!!

Scratcher lounger

My cats love this! They can sit on it and scratch. It looks great in my rooms. I have 3 of them.

Katch Litter Mat
Cats Love It!

We have two cats, one a very large Maine Coon. Both cats use this box without problem. Very spaces with a clean and simple design.

Flip Paperboard Liners (6-Pack)