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My cats love these!

Great for scratching and lounging! A hit with my cats!

My cat 🐈 loves it… it is part of her life!

This is my second one and couldn’t be happier. Two litter boxes in different parts of the house demand two litter keepers.

Vastly superior to plastic grocery store bags, though those are handy in a pinch. These liners are steady and nearly rip-proof.

Great litter box!

My cat instantly took to this litter box. It’s great and I love the liner that comes with it. I did order a black one and I received a white, but the white is actually nice!

I was skeptical, but Im impressed!

I needed a box my cat couldn't accidentally pee out of and onto my floor, but also one big enough for him (hes huge). Additionally, I wanted the box to be decent looking. I wasn't sure how my cats would adjust to using a top load litter box so I liked that this was adjustable. Left the lid off for a week or two until they knew what was going on. Added the lid and it was smooth sailing. No more little misses. Less tracking. Also have had no issues with the liner. I love the concept and that it will make keeping the box sanitary. Soooo much less work than hosing and scrubbing down the box. Really honestly impressed with it. Thanks team!

Cats love it!

My two cats - 17 and 5 - took to it very quickly. Both are large cats and need a bi box but with a low entrance for my senior guy and this definitely fits the bill. I also like the liner, which makes daily cleaning a breeze. My only complaint is that the splash guard keeps coming loose any time one of my cats paws at it, so I had to tape it down. All in all, very happy with the box.

Litter Mat
R G.
Perfect color and quality product

It is heavy duty and a nice shade of cream, matched well to the room without being drastically out of place. It does keep the litter in place better than previous option I was using. Thank you!

Odor Filters + Holders

Messy kitty

Our kitty that we love so much is a high pee-er which is very messy. We have tried dozens of tall boxes and this is by far the best we’ve had. We bought an extra one so we will always have a backup.

Cat box toy

My cat is having such a good time playing with the box. She managed to get one of the ping pong balls out.😺 I also put a couple of her catnip toys in the box too & that keeps her occupied.

Lifesaving liners!

ModKat tall litter box and liners have saved so much frustration. Have a male cat who urinates high on the back of the litter box. Nothing would protect the other litter boxes and made it horrible to clean every week. I now clean the litter box itself with bleach and put in a new liner once a month. Happy customer!

Flip Litter Box
Danielle P.
Love it

Love the look. The liner is solid. Good product, I would Buy It again. And the delivery was very fast.

Modkat cat scratcher

Both of my cats enjoy it very much!


I am obsessed with my new modkat litter box! I have it in my bedroom and was looking for a clean, discrete, and odor-reducing option. It is so cute, clean, tidy, and literally does not smell one bit. I am very satisfied with this purchase!!

Litter Mat
Jordan C.

Litter Mat

Perfect combination of style & function

This box looks great and also contains the litter in the cleanest way I’ve seen

Cats love it

I thought this purchase was a little over-the-top, but the cats absolutely love them. They have stopped scratching on other stuff that they’re not supposed to and just scratch these now. Highly recommend.

Litter Mat
Marie H.G.

Great product and super useful.

Excellent Concept

This flip litter box is fabulous! Love the concept and the enclosure keeps the litter in the box with minimal mess as my cats exit. I have been thru 5 different litter box styles and this one finally seems to be the grande solution!

Reduces tracking a ton, eliminated odor. Looks nice.

Works Great

Thoughtfully designed, blocks smell, and super easy to clean! Would highly recommend.

Brilliant product. Make cleaning up the litter box much better.

Litter Mat

Perfect mat!!

Love modkat filters.