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Flip Litter Box
Ana González

Modern and practical design. My kitties love it!!

Tray Liners - Type G (3-pack)
Ambrosia Blumenstein

Tray Liners - Type G (3-pack)

Litter Box Filter Kit
Emily Hunter
It doesn’t seem to help that much

The overall design of the litterbox is great. Combined with a multi-cat litter, we’re in pretty good shape for odors. I was trying out the filter just for a little extra. I’m not sure that the filter helps much. The way the filter fits on the box is clever and unobtrusive.

Favourite litter box

Great, sturdy material, easy assembly, modern looking and a good size! This litter box checked all the boxes for me! Litter tracking has been way less than regular pan litters, and the flip lid makes it so easy to clean, I find I’m cleaning it more often! Pair with the litter catch mat and you’ve got a perfect little cat washroom that does everything I need, and most importantly (for my small condo) isn’t an eyesore!

Packaging was sustainable and my cats LOVE the repurposed toy made out of the accessories box.

10/10 recommend!

( please restock black! It matches my decor perfectly)

Modkat Flip Litter Box
Virginia Lowe
Perfect for my cats

They love the size and privacy, and I like the enclosure, which keeps them from missing outside the box.

Modkat XL Litter Box
Pinja Maaranen

Modkat XL Litter Box

New Litter Box: ok

While the front entry litter box is solving the problem of side leakage that was happening, my cat is still spraying outside the front entry. I didn't get the top entry b/c she's older and I think that would have been a problem. However, for the expense of this system, I'm a bit disappointed that I still have to use a cat pad outside the entry to mitigate "floods". The best thing is the small extra pad with sides that catches both the leak pad and litter when she goes and exits. Just think that for over $100 this should be more foolproof. (Or lower your prices.) Not awful, but not fantastic.

Great purchase

Our cats easily transitioned to using this litter box. It's a really great size. The entry options are fantastic. We're using the front entry option right now and our cats still track some litter but that's going to happen regardless. It's a sleek design and with a rug underneath you can catch most of the litter tracks. With the cover and high sides they are no longer digging and throwing litter out of the box!

Great Cat Box!

First off, the included toy made from the small packaging box inside is amazing! My cats play with it all the time and has resulted in great entertainment for us.

The cat box has been great so far. The top entry tremendously helps clean their paws of litter! The location we put ours does not allow us to put a litter mat down, so this box worked perfectly. It also allows the box to be put in a much smaller space than a front entry. Our cats definitely seem to prefer this box and I too prefer how easy it is to access for cleaning. Highly recommend!

Modkat Litter Box
Kern Evelin

My cats love it. So modern, I’m so grateful for this invention! 😻

Flip Litter Box
Margarita Ganduxè

Flip Litter Box

They love it!

The cats fight over this so now we have to get two! When they aren’t squabbling who will sit on their chaise lounge they both squeeze onto it… needless to say they love it! It’s also really durable, they go nuts on this thing and it’s got a lot of life left. Highly recommend!

Modkat XL Litter Box
Victoria H.
BEST cat purchase I've ever made!!

Okay, I had been looking for a high-walled litter box for months. I saw Modkat come up on my google searches again and again, but it sounded so expensive I'd just bypass it. After months, I finally gave in & looked at them. I was instantly excited with the reviews & all the details on the website, so I decided to try it out!

First, the litter box is amazing!! It was the answer to all my problems. My cats were peeing standing up, leading to the pee traveling outside of their litter boxes.. GROSS!! This litter box has high walls so it resolved that problem. Then it resolved the litter all over the floor problem by having a top-entrance. THEN, it solved the smell problem by being enclosed & having a liner that gets totally replaced every 3 months and the litter doesn't stick to the liner like it does just a plastic litter box. THENNN, the scooper fits into the corners of the litter box so you can get every centimeter of the box scooped and cleaned super easily.

Sooo, yeah. I couldn't be happier.

Oh, and their customer service is wonderful! I had some questions & they got back to be quickly and resolved my problem fairly. You will not regret buying this litter box!

XL intimidating

Have had the XL for about 2 weeks... cat experience: one cat is ok but clearly hesitating to go waaaaay down into the XL box, if i had gotten a smaller one he might not have fit standing to dig in litter with deck above him. The second smaller (yet still big) cat has not even dared try it.
My experience - LOVE the top load box.. duh, why would anyone want anything else, the amount of litter scattered or dragged out is almost nothing. if i were to change anything i would get the smaller one and take the lid off, just have them jump in. The cat that uses this now doesn't walk around on the deck anyway.

Great so far

All good so far. The cats didn't like the lining it came with so took that out. Only issue (which is tough to solve) is that one of our cats pees high and some gets out of the box when she pees by the entrance. But it's all good on the back and sides, which are high. We've had low boxes before and we had the issue on all sides. So this is a big improvement. The design is excellent, looks goon in a modern bathroom. Very easy to clean, wipe, off, etc. No small nooks where litter or pee/poo can get stuck.


I can't say enough about how great these boxes are and the customer service we received from Anna! We have a problem kitty that likes to spray urine inside of box and it would leak out of traditional boxes (YUCK!!). This box eliminates that problem, looks great and very well built!! 3 different kitties had no problem adjusting to new boxes. You may feel like it's a bit spendy for a kitty box, but I will tell you now...WORTH IT!!!

This thing is awesome!

One of our cats pees in the weirdest position causing us to have to set up plastic wall retainers higher than the litter box to make sure his pee doesn't make it out of the litter box- but with this Modkat XL litter box all our issues are gone- this is tall and large enough for our two cats. We are enjoying not having to freak out about anything getting out of the box. Cats seem to love it too.

Modkat Litter Box
Kadi Nisu


Cats love it

My 4 cats all prefer this litter box over any others I have. The attached scoop is so convenient and it’s much easier to just replace the liners instead of scrubbing the litter box with bleach to disinfect it.

Cat scratcher lounge

Modkat cat scratcher lounge is a favorite of all 13 of my cats. It’s a comfortable lounge, especially when located in the sun, a durable scratcher that holds up better than any other cardboard scratcher I’ve owned, and a great interactive component when combined with other toys. I flip them periodically so they wear evenly and have two small and four large. I will definitely buy more when these wear out, which I anticipate won’t happen for awhile.

Modkat Litter Box
Linda Moore
Our cat loves this and so do her humans!

This is much better looking and has a lot less litter tracking.

Cats love them!

Flip Litter Box
Jaycee Wang
best litter I ever bought

I bought 5 different litter boxes, this is the best!

Popi’s Review

Product as described. Cat loved it and started using it from day one!

My large cat loves this litter box!

For some reason my cat is very picky about which litter box he likes to use. We have several different types and he is one that will pee in front or next to box but not in it. We tried this new litter box and he actually likes it and uses it correctly which we are thrilled about!