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Litter Keeper
Kathleen H.
Dirty litter pail

The product is fantatic

Stylish and perfect for high peeing cats

I have three male cats who pee rather high for normal litter boxes or liter robot models. This is perfect for them and also already has cut down on the tracking and smell.

Containment Box

I have two cats that really know how to kick out the litter. I needed the higher walls to keep the litter from being spread around the room, and this box is doing the job. I also like the liner feature. The urine soaked clumps are so much easier to remove from the corners and edges! Excellent idea.

Cat Toy Box (3-Pack)

Really like the liners in this box

I wasn’t sure about the liners, but they work great. I don’t have as much tracked litter too, it seems. I have 1 fairly large cat, so he doesn’t use it as much as the other cats. Overall, I am very pleased with this litter box.


I love the magnetic design on these liners opposed to the clip, but I think the clip liners are still most awesome! I am just super stoked that I have one less step in t he litter box. Thank you for continuing to make it less icky!!!!

cats love them

Both of our cats immediately started scratching the new loungers and love to sleep on them as well. Thank you from Cheeto and Biscuit!


Good, just taking a little while for cats to adjust

Flip Litter Box

My cat did not like her other litter box but will use this one. I’m impressed that the liner holds up and doesn’t rip when she buries!

Kitty litter

Shit happens and this litterbox with these liners is foolproof. My cat loves it

My cats love it!

This litterbox has made a very non-fun chore a breeze! The hinged top makes it very easy to get into and the scoop works great. I love how neatly it fits into slot on the box. My only complaint is that the assembly instructions were confusing.

Have not received!

It’s been a long time. Not here yet.
Not happy.

Hi Jennie, we apologize for the delay as your tracking number shows the delivery is scheduled for today. We are emailing you directly as well :)

It’s a great litter box. The folding lid system is brilliant.

Worth it!

Love the litter box


Proactive, superb customer service & quality products! Thank you!

Flip Litter Box
Tracey L.
Best Litter Box

After trying many different types of litter boxes, this one is the best. I know that sounds scripted (it’s not!), but it is worth the money. The lid keeps everything in and discreet (it doesn’t scream “you’ve got a litter box!”), the sides are high, the design is modern and clean-looking but it’s the washable liner that seals the deal. No smell, no build-up of bacteria. I will be getting at least 1 more very soon. Buy one, do yourself and your cat(s) a big favour!

Modkat XL Liner Hooks
Alessandro R.

Modkat XL Liner Hooks

never received it :(

So sorry about this Paul! Unfortunately it looks like the delivery was unsuccessful but we have emailed you directly to help, please contact us at support@modkat.com!

Large size is great

Got this larger size for my big cat and it’s great. The only part I wish was different is that the top lid were for the whole unit to pull open for cleaning. Instead it’s a half lid. Otherwise it’s great.

Love it, Beautiful and just perfect!

Great Cat Box!

I bought this cat box, because it’s taller than any of the other cat boxes I could find out there. My cat, Archy, isn’t a tall cat, but he decided that, occasionally standing and peeing straight back over the edge of the box was okay! Not for me, though! This box is tall enough so that this doesn’t happen anymore, and an extra bonus has been that my two cats don’t carry or kick as much litter out after they are done. The front is a bit taller too, and it really helps. I wasn’t really sure about the lining idea, and it turns out that the lining fits so well and snug inside the box that cleaning is easy, no wrinkles, and while I haven’t had to wash the lining’s yet, (Yes, I bought two boxes, and I am glad I did, Eloise has adjusted well too!) I think it’s a great idea now. Overall, I recommend this cat box, it is a good one!

Modkat Litter Tray
Cristine W.
Good value

Good litter box! Putting it together, I could tell a lot of thought went into the design and the materials used seem to be of decent quality. Worthwhile purchase that effectively keeps all urine inside the litter box (which was why I mainly got it). Economical price too considering other options are easily twice as much. I'll likely upgrade to another Modkat in the near future when I have a bit more money to spend on a bigger box. My only issue is the side extension piece--when attaching it and bending it around the edges of the box, it started to tear at the seam/corner. I easily fixed it by reinforcing it with shipping tape; just something to be careful with.

Litter Keeper

This litter keeper works okay. Still trying to figure out the best way to scoop the litter and fit it in the push down door. Litter seems to spill over. It is convenient not to go to the outside garbage can every time I clean the litter box. I have two cats and scoop several times a day, I probably need to empty the litter keeper two or three a week.

Modkat XL is really nice!

Our Maine Coon is only going to be 6 months old and we hope this litter box is good for him when he's full grown because we like it so much! Sleek and nice looking. Highly recommend. A little work putting it together...but worth it!

Modkat XL Litter Box
Matthew W.
Less mess, less stress, less smell

The enclosed litter box has really cut down on the smell and mess, and is much easier to keep my dogs from trying to get into. Would recommend to anyone looking for a solid, enclosed litter box.