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Litter Keeper Liners - Type H (x50)

Each liner holds up to two weeks of a single cat's litter clumps. Use Modkat Liners Type H or any bags you saved from your last trip to the grocery store. When full, simply tie off the handles and dispose of the clumps with your household trash.

50x Liners - Type H
(60% recycled HDPE)

10 x 15" H (267 x 381mm H)
10 x 21" H w/ handles (267 x 534mm H)

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Katherine A.
Great heery duty liner bags

I am impressed with this purchase. Strongly made liners with the flaps easily used in keeper.

Angel M.
Litter Keeper Liners -Type H

Fits perfectly, durable and strong. I don’t worry when removing and discarding that there’s going to be any holes or slits in the bags.

Linda L.
Modkat liner reflls

This is a smart system. Easy to hook the handle into the litter container. Does not fall down. So far the bags seem sturdy. No ripping with heavy loads. In addition to scooping clumps, I can add the old litter when changing the box. Easy peasy.


Repeat purchase. I re-use plastic grocery store bags when I have them, but these are so much more durable. They also contain odor better.

Pamela B.
Greatest Gift for any cat home!

Simple, unassuming and delightfully effective product for a non-glamorous duty. Excellent engineering, solidly built and functions exactly as it is described.