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Litter Keeper Liners - Type H (x50)

Each liner holds up to two weeks of a single cat's litter clumps. Use Modkat Liners Type H or any bags you saved from your last trip to the grocery store. When full, simply tie off the handles and dispose of the clumps with your household trash.

50x Liners - Type H
(60% recycled HDPE)

10 x 15" H (267 x 381mm H)
10 x 21" H w/ handles (267 x 534mm H)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tamara F.
Perfect Size and Weight

I’ve been looking for a good pet waste solution, and this is it!

Lorraine E.

Litter Keeper Liners - Type H (x50)

Mary J.
That’s Not a Handle

I have three Modcat litter boxes and three litter mats, so I liked the look of this. But, the inner lid doesn’t really work well with anything but a small scoop of litter, so I just open up the entire lid. The handle is small and uncomfortable to use to carry it. And for the life time of me, I can’t get the litter bag handles to do anything but just sit in the container. Can’t attach to anything. Looks nice.

Barbara Z.
Better than grocery bags

These very sturdy Modkat litter keeper liners are much better than other plastic bags for collecting litter clumps. They fit the keepers perfectly and are much thicker and sturdier that grocery bags,

Litter Keeper Liners

These liners work very well with the litter disposal can. I really like the handles on the liner…it makes cleaning and disposal easy.