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Modkat XL Litter Box

White: End of August

    • Top-entry,  front-entry and dual-entry configurations
    • 3-position lid for easy access
    • Full height base prevents leaks
    • Perfect for side pee-ers!
    • Reusable liners last up to 3 months
    • Reduces litter tracking
    • Hanging ergonomic scoop
    • Largest top-entry box on the market
    •  21 L x 16.3 W x 17 H inches
    • Length x Width x Height
      21.0 x 16.3 x 17.0 in.
      (53.3 x 41.3 x 43.2cm)
    • Liner height
      14.5in. (36.8cm)
    • Top-entry width
      10.25in. (26.0cm)
    • Front-entry width
      8.25in. (21.0cm)
    • Front-entry height from floor
      6.25in. (15.9cm)
    • Weight
      9.0lbs (4.0kg)
      The lid can support up to 30lbs (13kg)
      The walk-off platform can support up to 20lbs (10kg)
    • Seamless base with removable lid frame
    • Liner Hooks
    • Modkat Scoop
    • Swiveling 3-position lid
    • Front-entry kit
      • Reusable Liner (D)
      • Walk-off platform
      • Top entrance cover
    • Top-entry kit
      • Reusable Liner (C)
      • Front entrance cover

Canada’s most versatile extra large cat litter box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1908 reviews
Awesome style

Clean beautiful big enough for my two angels

B B.
Wished XL was same design as OG

I loved my original Modkat box, but thought I'd get the XL to accommodate two adult sibling cats. I was surprised to see that the box was floppier and curved with lower ledge along the inside of the box, making it more difficult to clean than the OG box, which was all rectangles in design. Perhaps the low inside ledge has something to do with the liner, which I don't use. The scooper of the XL has a shorter handle and more awkward to use than the simpler design of the original. I'm not sure why Modkat didn't use the design of the original for the XL box. I love the OG model and am going back to using it and have swapped this XL box for my friend's OG version. I'd rather have two of the OG design and have to clean two boxes than use the XL multicat box.


Such a nice design, so easy to use and put together. Spacious too! We love it and so does our sweet kitty!

Leighanne P.

Initially we were hesitant to purchase an open litter box…but this is a game changer. No smells, litter totally contained, easy to clean and out two cats seem to enjoy their spacious new pooping digs.

Great box my cat is okay as long as both doors open - IKEA LURVIG fits in

I bought this because it fits the litter boxes I have from IKEA… and that I use as liners right now. Box is right next to couch and we wanted to direct a bit of litter away from it since she jumped up a lot before… as long as both doors remains open she is okay. if I add the top lid she doesn’t like to go in… I think it is doing what we wanted and win-win for both cat and us. Less litter on the couch for sure… Bonus is that I don’t need liners since the IKEA black litter boxes fit right in and I rotate them for cleaning already… so we use it more like a litter-box cover… our cat is very small… the box is perfect… I can’t imagine to try make her go in the smaller ones… In the future I would appreciate to have compostable or paper liners for this box… the original liners I would see as problematic but will give it a try in the future… Our cat also likes to stand outside and cover her waste with paw so I’m glad there is the front entry option